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Urban Oasis

For those of us who live in Massachusetts, we are extremely lucky to have Life Alive. They have three locations in Lowell, Cambridge and now Salem. The restaurant is truly a labor of love from owner Heidi Feinstein.

As they say in their mission: “We are here to renew your energy and connection to life by soulfully serving you the most fantastic, vibrant, organic, therapeutic, whole food you could ever imagine in an inspiring environment that honors local artisans, the community, and our global ecology.”The meals are so flavorful & delicious. You can’t go wrong with any of the amazing filling bowls and handy wraps. But here are a few of my personal faves: “The Lover” is packed with meaty shitake mushrooms, steamed with dark greens, shredded carrots and beets, and broccoli flowers all smothered in zesty Ginger Nama Shoyu dressing all served over short-grain brown rice. I usually eat one in the restaurant and take a second to go! “The Green Goddess” is another great choice if you dig avocados, greens and brown rice! I am also partial to the “Five-O Bowl” which includes almost everything they have behind the counter. It is technically not on the menu, but it has a huge cult following especially in the Lowell restaurant. The “Five-O” is named after Lowell police officer Eric Wayne who is featured in The Healing Effect.

If you want to take your Life Alive experience to the next level, don’t forget to grab a juice or smoothie. My drink of choice is a double shot of wheat-grass. After all of this delicious and nutritious food, your body and mind will feel nourished and very satisfied! Instead of feeling weighed down, you’ll feel so good, you may actually choose to float home.

Once you live Life Alive, you’ll never look back, and you’ll see why so many of us are regulars!!!

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