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My friends Philip and Casey McCluskey started Vimergy, and you’ve got to check it out. Vimergy features some of the most amazing superherbs on the planet, such as Reishi, Chaga, Gynostemma and many more. These herbs are wildcrafted in China, which means they grow naturally in rural areas and are harvested by hand. They have been used for thousands of years to produce radiant health.

More about the Vimergy founders:
Philip, an author, motivational speaker, and weight loss expert and Casey McCluskey a nutritionist, life coach, master herbalist and author, have spent much of their lives seeking the most effective ways to improve their minds and their bodies. Their separate journeys converged in 2011 when they discovered how their paths had paralleled one another much of their lives. Together, they have shared their knowledge and experience with each other and the rest of the world through coaching, speaking and writing.

Herbal supplements have long been the foundation of physical wellbeing and mental clarity for both Philip and Casey. Through their weight-loss struggles, health ailments, and anxieties, Philip and Casey have found the strength and commitment to heal themselves with support from the natural world. Seeing the potency of herbs first-hand, Casey nurtured her understanding of their remarkable healing effects until she became a master herbalist.

Today Philip and Casey integrate herbs into all of their health and spiritual coaching. From cleanses and weight-loss programs to emotional guidance and re-invigoration, Philip and Casey offer a series of unique approaches to transforming physically and mentally. Their ideas are a fusion of Eastern and Western concepts that work powerfully together to improve lives.

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